What We Offer

Air Conditioner Installation

Installing, maintaining and repairing ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment. Identifying maintenance risks on equipment. Diagnosing electrical and mechanical faults for HVAC systems. Cleaning, adjusting and repairing systems, and performing warranty services.


Performing cleaning activities such as dusting, mopping etc. Performing minor fixes such as repairing broken Home Appliance. Checking control panels and electrical wiring to identify issues.

General Repairs

General repair workers fix and maintain machines, mechanical equipments. They repair electrical, and air-conditioning and heating systems.

Terms and conditions

  1. All payments are collected in advance.
  2. If the annual maintenance contract is concluded after the expiration of the warranty period, the latter will be accepted subject to verification of the equipment by the representative of UAC. In the event that the equipment is defective, the repair must be carried out first and the cost (labor and spare parts) will be borne by the customer. In short, the units entering into the annual maintenance contract must be checked and repaired beforehand.

  3. The contract is offered to customers residing within the limits of service centers approved by the city of Kinshasa.

  4. UAC waives visitation fees and routine service charges during the contract period for all products.

  5. During the annual maintenance contract period, if the repair of a product requires the replacement of a part, UAC will sell only the part.

  6. Complaints are registered at +243 901493354 / or  service@kin.uacrdc. com.

  7. UAC is under no obligation to repair a product due to improper use, unauthorized modification, replacement of a part or the production number of the machine, alteration, deterioration , abnormal fluctuation in tension, rat bite (cable cut), neglect, flooding, lightning, earthquakes, etc. or other causes than ordinary use. If our services are requested as a result of the aforementioned causes, these services will be invoiced in addition.

  8. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel the contract before the end of the contractual period, no request for reimbursement or any replacement costs will be accepted.

  9. The contract is not transferable in the event of resale, gift to another person and no refund will be given.

  10. Renewal of the annual maintenance contract after the contract expires will be at the discretion of UAC.



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