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Rechargeable 32" TV Specications ¬ Resolution: HDTV 1366x768 pixels ¬ Input: HDMI (x2), USB (x2), VGA (x1), RF (x1), PC audio (x1), A/V RCA (x1), DC-In 12V* (x1) (optional), RGB (x1), AC100-240V (x1) ¬ Output: earphone (x1), DC-Out 12V* (optional) ¬ Multi system: Pal/NTSC/SECAM analog TV ¬ DVB-T2 (Optional) ¬ Low power consumption: AC(48 W)-DC(32 W) ¬ Stereo speaker system ¬ Smart function key / 7 button function ¬ Connect to external lead acid / lithium battery via DC-In* (4A/12V), connect to set-top box via DC-Out* (12V) ¬ Charge time AC: 6-13 hours* ¬ Working time: 4 hours ¬ Battery Built-In: 11.1V/7500 mAh Lithium-Ion ¬ Accessories: Remote control Wall mounting brackets (optional) Stand legs (x2) ¬ Product size: 565x436x89 mm without stand legs ¬ Product size: 728